Best Small Business Website Should Look Like…

…A masterpiece. Really, it has to be flawless. You are competing with giants like Amazon and eBay is you sell thing, you are against Starbucks with your coffee shop and if your occupation is software development you will have to beat ideas from Google, Apple, Facebook, IBM and the entire Silicon Valley. The examples can go on and on and you are still a small business and require appropriate customer flow.

Top 3 Kickstarter Projects

Kickstarter was a revolution and still is one. Various different projects were brought to life thanks to donations and support Kickstarter has granted. Our life would have never been the same without it. But who are Kickstarter Kings, the really cool kids in the sandbox? Here is a list of top three Kickstarter projects that literally have everybody’s attention.

What Is Hot And What Is Not In The World Of IT?

Stack Overflow, a well-known and recognized all over the world resource for developers of all kinds has revealed top three categories of loved, wanted and popular platforms of 2015. 26+K developers from the impressive amount of 157 countries have shared their opinions and voted on the hottest platforms of this year. Front and back-end developers, mobile and desktop developers and testers were a part of this research as the ones giving their vote to worlds best technologies.

Is there A Place for Employee Goodies in Your Startup?

Startups are flexible, fast, demanded and they are also expensive. Especially if there is the price for talent we are talking about. Back in the day the industry was still evolving and was literally forced to offer employees several smashing benefits if the startup owner was willing to have appropriately skilled staff. Developers, designers, testers and other specialists were working in large corporations which could afford various loyalty programs and bonuses. So had the early startups because you need some way to encourage people into leaving their job and joining your team.

7 Facts About Mobile Games That Matter

Surely some of them are simply terrible and buggy, however there are really decent game examples that are just not going viral. Why? – Because their marketing is not doing the trick and most people just don’t know about really amazing games they might be playing. Despite it will definitely take more than just one blog post for you to be certain with your future marketing campaign I will be providing several industry facts that may be highly useful to you. Plus they are basically great general knowledge any person from the game industry should be aware of.

Places Begging for Your Startup Idea!

Let’s get straight to the chase as startup is about results and such a practice is in its very core. We will be talking about industries that do require your ideas and solutions and things are looking the way the below places will always require a gentle startup touch, meaning you will never run out of business and ideas for just as long as you actually stick to the plan. Or don’t stick to it, after all who are we to tell you where your creativeness should be headed.

The Dark Sides of Medical Software Development

Let us take a lovely trip to Spain. The sun is shining, tourists with marvelous cocktails all around the place and guess what? Every third smartphone owner has a healthcare app installed on his device.

Top Reasons to Totally Wait for the New iPad

12.9 inch brand new iPad is like the Holy Grail to all Apple fans. It’s been rumored, probably as a part of a really successful marketing campaign from Apple (show me a failed ad from Apple!) so everybody was expecting it on the recent Smart Watch event, despite all ouds. Unfortunately the new iPad will most likely not be available until autumn.

The Impact Net Neutrality May Have On Mobile Apps

Nokia was first to “welcome” new rules
There are services that require much more treatment hence they are a more expensive. It is only rational to charge more for something better from whatever everybody has. That’s the point and the goal of business. Every industry requires money to move forward and there are always people willing to spent more dollars on better services. Why should they be discriminated?

What Can Assist A Marketing Campaign Better than A Celeb Following You On Twitter? Here’s How We Catch Them!

Almost any celebrity has a Twitter account. They are posting a lot of content there, fan-oriented mostly. It’s great for the brand and celebrities nowadays are not too different from brands. And if accidentally meeting a celeb out there in a streets is a real big deal holiday to many people imagine the impact of a celebrity following you on twitter will cause on your target audience. If you have truly considered to include such a step into your marketing campaign here’s a little how-to that will assist you in achieving that complicated goal.