How Should A Business Handle Trolls?

Trolling is dangerous?

Trolling has become a huge phenomenon in today’s internet. We are not meaning medieval monsters from fables that are hiding under bridges or throwing huge stones in the walls of Rohan’s fortress. It’s those people constantly leaving negative feedback on wherever they may reach. And internet is just a place for them hence practically everything is reachable.

Why Is Everybody Neglecting the Windows Behind Lenses?

What’s behind the holograms?
Microsoft Hololens tech was quite an explosion making all kinds of people excited and eager to get a piece of the pie. The potential of MS’s Holographic is amazing indeed especially if lots of developers will get a chance to be creative and to invent best fitting new apps. Voice and gesture controls of the device as well as its functionality are allowing a lot of space to be creative. But all that is still based on Windows 10.

What Will Be This Year’s SMM Trends?

Social Media is everywhere today. Such platforms are extremely powerful tools of marketing but they are also a place where the same trick does not work twice. Internet is evolving with colossal leaps of progress and its users are doing the same. If something is working great in Social Media marketing it does not mean it will be constantly working fine. This is a common mistake made by many marketers and is leading to campaigns failing or not delivering expected results.

Stop Advertising Like That in Facebook! It’s so Last Century!

Facebook may be a challenging place for a marketer. There are many visitors. Some of your target audience, some may become your target audience. A field with limitless opportunities one would say? No it is not as many practices have already lived through their time and now are not much more than mere distractions at the very least. Often they are even extremely annoying to everybody and are not delivering any value whatsoever. We will be talking about just such practices in this article. Methods you really should stop using.

A Christmas Spirit Delivering Diligence!

Christmas Spirit!

What can we say here, in Diligences Inc. about the past few weeks? Nothing but the fact joy and happiness were covering all of us as worm cozy blankets. Here at Diligences office, at our work stations we were feeling as if we were next to a worm fireplace in a comfortable chair and with a nice mug of grandpa’s ‘special’ eggnog. It’s just that this year’s Christmas spirit was overwhelming for some undetermined reason. Stronger than ever before.

A General Web App Development Process Walkthrough

What is a Web App?

We can never develop web applications without being sure what they actually are. To make long things short web apps are nothing but dynamic websites that are being combined to programming from the server side that is what provides functionality of user interactions, back-end database connections, and browser result generation.

Great examples of web apps would be all kinds of e-commerce apps, social media applications, CMS’s, Interactive games, etc.

What should be considered first? Technologies, we believe.

Brand New Programming Language Introduced!

Adam Chlipala, an assistant to a computer science professor from MIT invented anew language of programming called Ur. His creation is a statically typed functional language of programming that is bringing web development to a new stage. Web pages may now be developed as self-contained programs and they will get metaprogramming support from statically typed Ur.

Twitter Tools to Save Your Day!

Twitter is great but, despite it’s naïve analytics platform there are still many useful tools you may use for analysis and visualization. Tools that will be exploring Twitter’s potential to full extent. Here is a list of some of these tools for you to use and enjoy.

Implementation of Mobile Inside a Good Business Strategy

Approximately 380.000 iPhones are sold on a daily basis. Meaning every single day there are 380K+ new smartphone owners that are connected to the internet and are eager for mobile applications. That is if we are not mentioning devices running on other OS’s like Android and Windows, etc. More than 50% of Americans are using smartphones and about 90% of them are doing so on the go.

Surely any business will be finding their target audience amongst such an impressive amount of people. This is a niche none may allow missing. But how to fit Mobile into a pre-determined or even a newly developed business plan if you are new to all this in the first place?

The Proper Way of Lead Generation if You Are Of the Smaller Fish in the Sea

Leads are as important as air to any business big or small. It’s just that mostly small businesses are having a hard time generating leads due many factors from lack of time to lack of skill. But is this a process to neglect nowadays when people are doing most their shopping and related researches online and a proper comment in the right blog post may bring you more customers than years of other kinds of advertising?