5 Sure Ways to Make Money Using Google Adsense

Some people get their main income from Google Adsense while others hardly cover their hosting cost. When you have your web project, you may not be in control of such factors as economic situation, but there’s much you can do to boost your chances for success when it comes to this service.

Here are 5 measures you should take to profit from Google Adsense.


Is Open Source Software Really That Good?

Open source software means software which has licensed source code which makes it free and available for everybody’s use. Many CMs and cloud computing software are like this. Their users are able to change their code and operation mode individually.

Everything about this might be perfect if open source software didn’t have some issues everybody should know.

Facebook Loses Face

A scandal of googlical proportions is now endangering the customer trust to Facebook. The company showed itself as an ignorant and untrustworthy partner and is now desperately trying to recover its good name. A self-educated IT professional from Palestine Khalil Shreateh states in his blog he discovered vulnerability in Facebook code.

4 Key Rules in Big Data Stewardship

Every company deals certain amount of data. While small startups solve all tasks with sticky notes and logbooks, need for online data storage emerges at a certain point. While outsourcing helps solving many tasks for a startup and growing company, IT department needs to be introduced at some point to deal with routine data performance tasks.

What To Expect From Website Design In 2014

Web design is constantly evolving to provide users with outstanding user experience. From just being a way of presenting information web design has grown into an art. Designers create wonderful layouts and interfaces making users’ everyday web experience more and more convenient, pleasant and inspiring.