Keeveo is a splendid portal with a purpose of searching, purchasing, deploying and following marketing goals and campaigns of goods from Spain. We are talking designer clothing, accessories, etc. The mentioned goods are sorted by groups and then stored in appropriate stores. We are talking of an actual mall within a browser tab with all the shops you ever were looking for in Spain.

The site is based on Ubercart and Drupal 7. Sphinx is used as the search engine of the page. Thus a massive speed-up in searching is ensured. As if that was not enough the Sphinx will also decrease the pressure caused on servers.

How the things were going in the beginning? Salesmen were simple categories of goods created by site managers. Thus there was but one option if you were looking for selling your goods via this website. Just placing goods there and that is it. But then came the breaking point when our team stepped in.

The original task was in creation of a platform which allows users with creation of personal online shops. Users were to have the ability of managing and selling of goods in their new shops. By the way, the status pf a product, its condition, various orders from customers are also manageable, thus making marketing possible and even a bit easier. What are the new features of the interface?

  • The store is better manageable as the user is now capable of designing it to his liking. Thus a store is capable of matching user’s goals even better.
  • After the store is created the goods may be placed there, removed, managed, edited, marked, etc. Orders and returns are manageable as well.
  • The new platform comes with support of several additional metrics like invoices.
  • The store’s manager has the possibilities of controlling and operating available goods based on their status. A track of sales/returns may also be kept.
  • Rss-feed of the registered internet blogs and posts and news that are placed in the sites blog section has been created to serve marketing purposes

Platform/OS: Linux, Apache

Tools: Drupal 6, Ubercart, MySQL, Sphinx (search engine)

Language: PHP 5, JavaScript