Diligences Inc. offers a full range of advanced end-to-end IT solutions.

Having rich experience in web development, design, mobile and desktop applications development, we deliver high quality, robust and cost-effective solutions that match your business goals. Our core point is professional and personalized approach to make every client beneficial from IT services we offer.

By constantly improving their skills, our experienced team combines traditional approaches with new techniques and practices in the most appropriate way. The expertise, dedication and diligence of our specialists result in high quality and reliability of each of our projects. We provide a timely delivery and consistent support and maintenance of our projects.

Our efforts in meeting clients’ expectations have turned to a spotless reputation and loyal customers. We always do our best in delivering services and hope you enjoy cooperation with us.

Web Development

Diligences Inc. unites a dedicated team of web developers specialized in all areas of website building, both client-side and server-side services. To implement your ideas successfully we use the latest technologies and trends in IT sphere and are always ready to provide the most cost-effective solutions based on your demands. Learn more

Mobile Application Developent

Mobile experience allows people to be more flexible, independent and get real-time information. That is why mobile application development becomes a vital part of any business as a component that links users with up-to-date world.

Our developers have rich expertise in creating mobile applications. They always follow the latest trends in the rapidly changing mobile industry. We provide mobile development for multiple platforms: iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch), Google Android, Windows Phone 7, Symbian, RIM BlackBerry, J2ME. Learn more

Desktop Application Development

Development of desktop applications is one of the fields of Diligences’ expertise. We implement the most up-to-date technical approaches developing reliable desktop software.

Depending on your needs, we offer multiplatform solutions, supporting Windows, Mac and Linux. We use the latest technologies and tools to help businesses automate specific processes and achieve competitive advantages in the market. For creating reliable and cost-effective user-friendly desktop apps our specialists use technologies of Java, C++, .NET Framework, etc. Hiring our desktop developers will improve your performance and accelerate your business productivity. Learn more

Cloud Development

Diligences Inc. team has hands-on experience in developing applications for specific cloud platforms, as well as migrating existing customer applications to the cloud. We provide design, development, testing, deployment and support for applications in the cloud.

Our methodology and techniques allow for making the maximum benefit of the smart move to cloud development of recent years for your business. Diligences’ cloud app development services aim to reduce your costs and enhance performance and efficiency. In our work we pay special attention to privacy and confidentiality issues. Our specialists design and build reliable and scalable solutions that meet ever-changing customer’s needs. Learn more

Web Design

We offer our clients services on creating eye-catching modern web design. Our team of designers always keeps up with the latest trends in this industry, and provides graphic design that will create direct association with your product. We successfully implement all the client’s requirements according to the most up-to-date standards in web design.

With the growth of mobile devices that have different screen resolutions, responsive web design has become vital. Diligences Inc. provides responsive design services so that the website or app would be perfectly displayed across multiple devices.

Our responsive design services include:

  • PSD to Responsive Web Design conversion;
  • Responsive design implementation to your website;
  • Using CSS3 Media Queries and other specific tools;
  • Ensuring that responsive web design meets SEO and W3C standards.


Diligences Inc. offers quality markup services converting your PSD file to any format you request. We provide cross-browser compatibility using innovative solutions for creating well-structured markup.

Our markup services include:

  • PSD to CMS (Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress, Magento. etc.);
  • PSD to E-mail Template with support for major e-mail clients such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo mail, MS Outlook, etc.;
  • PSD to Responsive Design, PSD to Mobile Template – flawless work on any device with any screen resolution.

Software Testing Services

High quality testing services is one of the most important components of the project success. Diligences Inc. specializes in the vast range of testing and QA services aiming to develop bug-free software and help our clients succeed with it in the market. We provide:

  • Web, Mobile, Desktop and Cloud testing services;
  • Manual and automated testing;
  • QA/QC support;
  • Using a wide set of advanced tools for improving quality, reliability and performance of any project.

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