You have probably noticed a newly immerged strange little icon on your screens lower left corner? Do not be frightened! It’s just that well-expected Windows 10 is going to be released shortly. Microsoft’s new OS will be surely available for desktop PC’s, large tablets and, of course, their primary focus – 2-in-ones from July 29.

It will be the very full version and not a trial of any kind. It is free, you can surely upgrade to it even if you happened to have (by accident, of course) a pirate copy installed on your device. And the upgrade is life-time lasting! Every user will have one year to upgrade to the new Windows 10, as such a generous offer is limited. End date for your free upgrade would be July 29 of the year 2016.

Free, or is it?

However people from Microsoft are not as open in all matters that are related to long-term updates and upgrades for both single user and business versions of the brand-new Windows 10. Thus, you will certainly be completely able to upgrade, but will you be supported for 100% free as well? Doubtful. Sneaky MS people continue to use the ‘supported lifetime’ phrase, however they are not very open in defining their own meaning of it.

If you go through their blog you will be pointed out that “like windows 10 itself, these updates will be free for the supported lifetime of your device. And there was a hell lot of emphasis added to those last words.

Following the trail of breadcrumbs

We have been open to several clues regarded this matter some time ago, like there was a conference call that reached out to a Wall Street analyst this April, and things like device lifetime were seemingly stated as different time periods for various device types. A tablet, for example, has a lifetime of two years, while a laptop may be proud with somewhere around 4 years.

Instant upgrade?

Remember the part about the icon appearing in the corner of your screen where all updates usually show up? You will not be updated instantly. For now it’s just a reservation you must make to ensure Windows 10 will download itself as soon as it’s available.