Diligences Inc. is an IT outsourcing company that supplies modern solutions in the e-commerce, business, medicine and other industries.

Founded as a tiny mobile development company, Diligences Inc. has evolved into a wide-profile software company and a leading player at the Eastern European IT market. It  has R&D office in Lviv, offices other Ukrainian cities, such as Kyiv, and 4 representative offices worldwide.

Wide expertise of application development together with offshore cost advantages allows us to offer first-rate development services focused primarily on minimizing project expenses as well as maximizing customer gains.

Interesting Facts about Diligences Inc.

  • Diligences Inc. has an R&D center located in Lviv, Ukraine, involving more than 200 software development virtuosos.
  • We provide three unique business models for doing offshore development, namely, Time & Material, Dedicated Team and Fixed Cost.
  • Diligences Inc. operates in 4 representative offices worldwide.
  • We have more than 11 years of proved experience in software development.
  • Diligences Inc. has completed around 800 creative and profitable projects since its foundation.

Our services

  • Open Source Web development (Symfony, Drupal, HTML5 & CSS3, Magento, Ruby, Perl, Python);
  • Mobile & PDA development (Android, Windows Phone 7, iOS);
  • .NET software development;
  • Web and mobile application design;
  • Quality Assurance & Software Testing;
  • C++ & C# development;
  • Java development.

Want to hire a professional development team in Diligences Inc.?

Diligences Inc. offers you to engage a dedicated development team or an individual professional developer determined to work solely on your project. Moreover, you are welcome to select an appropriate business model and choose a part-time, full-time or hourly basis for the developers you hire.