Would There Have Been No Software Without The Government?

According to a Forbes article numerous innovational entrepreneurs operated somewhere at the end of a revolutionary journey with their ideas, while 90% of work were already available to public. And there might be some truth to such claims as GPS, Internet, Software Protocols and much more were originally government projects.

Just a Handy List of Proven C++ UI Toolkits

So you’ve gotten yourselves into an insanely complex solution that should work flawlessly as a cross-platform application and it’s time to design some UI? While .NET may seem like a nice solution you, my friend are going for maximal quality without desire of turning to trickery? You are 100% stuck with C++ and in desperate need for assistance? Well, you know what they say: been there, done that. And now knowledge should flow into minds of others to complete the circle of never-ending programming Zen.

When’s the Time to Rebrand Your Site?

To make the long story short: if you have begun considering rebranding in 9 cases out of 10 you definitely need it. And, nevertheless rebranding is difficult, you expose yourself to such risks as colossal weight and traffic losses and thus you must be 100% sure your business and marketing need to go through this painful experience. Being almost certain is not enough.

7 Simple Basics That Instantly Monetize Your Keyword Research

Keyword research is a vital activity for many online businesses and those companies who wish to find good use to their digital presence. This aspect of SEO (and even SMM and SEM) may not be mistreated. We present you a nice procedure you can easily follow to ensure ultimate results:

Protect Your Business Logic!

Business Logic may be easily abused due to discoveries of potential flaws in your website’s or app’s functionality parts that actually rely on such logic. Such flaws are a deadly threat as they basically do not require any disclosure of data beyond that what you are already delivering to your users by default. One more nasty detail is the fact that vulnerabilities come in various shapes and sizes, from something tine that may not even cause any hard to colossal confidential data exposures.

Yay! More Considerably Costless UX Tools for You!

Oh, the glorious open source! You have delivered the world of IT with an enormous amounts of completely costless solutions. And, surely, such a vital part of development as UX could not have been left unnoticed. And so, we present you a nice and really handy list of open source UX solution you may easily gain from in your projects. Some of these solutions were not tailored precisely for UX purposes, yet their overall functionality will be more than useful to you.

Windows 10 Hot Release Date Revealed!

You have probably noticed a newly immerged strange little icon on your screens lower left corner? Do not be frightened! It’s just that well-expected Windows 10 is going to be released shortly. Microsoft’s new OS will be surely available for desktop PC’s, large tablets and, of course, their primary focus – 2-in-ones from July 29.

What to Eat For Breakfast Considering You Find Yourself In the IT Business?

Have you ever been in a dead end when you can’t even brainstorm your way out? Perhaps you failed at finding defects or your code just does not compile in the way it is supposed to? You are without any bright idea for your future marketing campaign or project requirements are the last thing your brain wishes to focus on?

If you have been in any of those situations, in most cases, the crisis was caused with what you eat. Surprised? Well, you shouldn’t be! What was your last snack? A pack of chips and a Red Bull?

All 4 SEO Hats Explained

You are probably aware of Search Engine Optimization or SEO by now and you have surely heard of White and Black Hat techniques. But, the world of search engines is quite wider, there is also Grey and Brown hat SEO. We will describe all those variations briefly in this post.

Small note before we begin: despite there are multiple methodologies at your disposal White Hat SEO should always be your ultimate choice despite all odds as the only process that delivers value and decent results. It is hard, but entirely worth the effort.

Custom versus Cross-Platform

Technology advances and this process is fast and furious. Mobile technologies that were unthinkable a decade ago are already irreplaceable parts of enterprise software. And new solutions are regularly developed, thus increasing reach of mobility even further.