Wish to Create Your iOS App? Here Are the Things To Always Keep in Mind!

A negative mind will never give you a positive life!
Develop as if you have already succeeded.

Let’s get straight to the chase and begin with the facts you are to be aware if you have any iPhone application in mind.

How to Be a Great Client (Equals to Receiving High-Quality Software By The Way)

Many things have been said and written about what any developer has to do, what are the world’s best techniques he is to implement, how should he achieve goals within the shortest time and highest quality. But little is said on the fact that a developer can’t simply make software on his own. There is a huge share of knowledge every customer has to be 100% aware of and, more than that, prepared to such happenings.

What On Earth Is Hypothesis-Driven Development?

What are your requirements?

Basically your boss enters a room and tells you to develop something particular with some features and other stuff. Those are requirements. But will that developed something be good? Will it be better than the ‘something’ of your competitors? Do users actually need your ‘something’?

TODO Or Not To Do? FB Releases New Open Source Organization As Well As New Routing Tech


TODO or Talk Openly Develop Openly, announced by Facebook is an organization that should help many companies to get on track with their open source solutions. Basically TODO is a sort of collaboration between FB and many other pro-open source giants like Dropbox, Google, GitHub, Twitter, Stripe and others.

TODO’s goal is making open source businesses easier for everybody involved. There are three major issues TODO is eager to resolve:

If You Were To Make The Best Home Page Headline How Would You Do It?

I don’t actually know what you are doing while creating your page headlines, yet I know what I would do and why. Interested? Well then, hop aboard and we will begin a long, yet fascinating journey to the best headline your page may only dream of.

True Things People Often Neglect while Generating Leads

There are things you are expecting to take place by default. Many advices that seem obvious. And such an approach is what makes their value disappear in midair. It’s quite healthy to remind yourself of several banal things from time to time.

A Chat In A Café Or How my Friend Is Doing Great With His Open Source Business

This is a story told by one of our Project Managers. A story Diligences Team has found worthy of posting on our blog. The following will be written from behalf of our PM:

Tricks You Did Not Know Your Chromecast Can Do

TV’s not for fun

Well, actually a TV is for fun as well as development for as long as you are not enjoying the things you are doing you are most likely doomed to fail. But that is a bit off-topic and what we are actually going to talk about are apps that may inspire you with development of something that has the potential of going viral as people love their TV and Chromecast has lots and more to offer.

Now with the Chromecast Software Development Kit released some time ago a judgment may be made towards where the development is going.

Proper StartUp Content Marketing

Why’s content important?

The time we are living in granted us with colossal potential in development of new great things. Thus there is a huge amount of startups emerging literally from nowhere. All the ideas (or at least 95% of them) are actually amazing and are bringing splendid solutions to multiple layers of users. Yet content marketing is not well known to most starters which is often turning out with disastrous results of failed ideas.

What Should Any Company Consider Before Going Agile?

We are living in the future! Smart cars, smart watches, smart glasses, smart houses, smart light bulbs, and the list may go on and on. Thus very few aspects of any business are not related to software at all. Many businesses are turning to outsourcing and others are implementing some teams of developers of their own. And everybody needs a plan of activities. It may be hard to choose if you have like zero software development experience right now as you were crafting light bulbs your entire life and simply providing a room with appropriate lighting is not enough anymore. Users want an app to do it for them. So where to go? Waterfall or Agile?