Bye-Bye Trends Of The Past Or What Not To Do In 2015?

You don’t want to be stuck with outdated trends in something as rapidly shifting as the Internet. The industry of Web design is not something you are to have favorite things in. Or you are risking of becoming outdated and not interesting to the majority of users even if they are your faithful target audience. So what won't a smart man do in 2015?

The Most Relavant SEO Things To Do If You’re Not A Large Business

Both small as well as medium businesses may gain from proper usage of SEO. Well, actually, any website owner may gain from its proper usage. Here is a short explanation for those particular business owners which are still not too sure on what SEO actually is.

Communication Skills: Crucial For Everybody Involved

Remember that communication is good and helpful only if a message (and I don’t mean only e-mail massages) is delivered to the recipient in the same way and of the same informational value as it was to the person originally delivering. To make things a bit more clear let’s see through some scenarios you’ve definitely seen in at least one of the projects you were working at.

Enterprise Software: Make Them Love It

A common issue that is popping out right after your workers meet their new and shiny enterprise social software is that they simply hate it. It’s but a matter of habit. Nobody likes to try out something new. Yet their opinion may be easily changed with some additional effort.

Business On The Go! 3 Android Apps That will Do You Good

I hope nobody has forgotten that we are living in the future today? Your tablet isn’t only for shooting birds into pigs, right? And you don’t just make calls from your smartphone. We are lucky that, thanks to brainy developers we now have an app for pretty much everything. And business is not an exception. Of course there can’t be a perfect app that will do everything and satisfy everybody, so I’ll try to divide them into small areas of interests.

Do We Need Data Visualization?

So data visualization is a common term that is explaining attempts of helping people understand data better via visualizing the context. A human eye may miss lots of important things located in text-based data templates, tendencies and interconnections. So we have visualization software to make data easier to comprehend. So we have a definite plus one for visualization here.

Top 8 Social Media Trends This Year: Part 2

In our previous post Top 8 Social Media Trends This Year: Part 1 we looked through four major social media trends for businesses. Now let's take a look at 4 more ones.

Top 8 Social Media Trends This Year: Part 1

When businesses are trying to reach a wider demographic, social media becomes an important factor. Lately such social platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest have generated really huge traffic, but who can say for sure what the future of social media is like?
The signs of the most proliferating directions in social media strategies have already began to spring up. So let’s outline the major prospective changes in social media space that all companies should be aware of in order to build a most effective business plan for this year.

6 Things to Make a User-Friendly Website Internal Search

When a user navigates your website it is necessary to provide him with the ability to get the relevant content which he was looking for. A searching process should be comfortable, simple and bring exactly what you were looking for.
Let’s take a look at some best practices to make searching as smooth as possible.

How LinkedIn Lets You Climb the Career Ladder in 7 Steps

Having 200 million+ users, the social network LinkedIn has all chances to be a great assistant in one’s career. Here it’s easy to find a job, meet professional peers and plan the career. In this article you’ll find 7 tips on how to achieve professional goals with LinkedIn.