Have you ever been in a dead end when you can’t even brainstorm your way out? Perhaps you failed at finding defects or your code just does not compile in the way it is supposed to? You are without any bright idea for your future marketing campaign or project requirements are the last thing your brain wishes to focus on?

If you have been in any of those situations, in most cases, the crisis was caused with what you eat. Surprised? Well, you shouldn’t be! What was your last snack? A pack of chips and a Red Bull?

Breakfast-power to the rescue!

You certainly can’t work hungry, that’s distracting and all and we do realize there isn’t always any source of healthy food around. What can you do in such a situation? Prevent it by eating a nutritious breakfast that will fuel your brain activity, your most vital resource you may ever have in the IT industry. Here are several pro tips for the best-possible IT breakfast scenario:

  • Eggs: they are perfect protein sources, they contain lots of Vitamin D and they help you absorb Calcium! Vitamin A, one of most required vitamins of people who constantly stare in a computer screen as well as 13 other important nutrition’s will do real magic to your organism, so go for the omelet. Bu the way, eggs keep people full for longer and that means less distractions during the workflow.
  • Oats: this is a really natural source of energy that will hold you juiced for the entire day. Complex carbohydrates in combination with minerals and vitamins that are m-m, so good for you.
  • Peanut butter: not only is it delicious, it is great with keeping hunger away. A snack with a spoon of this glorious, delicious treat is filled with an enormous amounts of proteins and should be enough for the day.
  • Nuts: go nuts with nuts, really! And if you tend to have a nervous job (you do have one, especially before big releases) nuts will save your heart and your stomach from hunger.
  • Whole wheat Toasts with cheese: Both these products are simply tailored for a nutritious breakfast.
  • Yoghurt: Perfect to finish the meal.

Being productive means staying healthy! Take care of your own body and stay sharp 24/7!