Lviv city
Diligences Inc. operates in the office located in the center of the large Western Ukrainian city called Lviv. Here is what is interesting and special about this place:
• Lviv was founded in 1240.
• It is the seventh largest city in Ukraine and its IT capital.
• Since 1998 Lviv's historic center has been listed by UNESCO as part of the World Heritage.
• The British Rough Guide includes Lviv in the top 10 cities recommended for travelling in 2014.
• Lviv is a calm and cozy multicultural city with a special atmosphere which combines its old traditional motives with the latest trends of the modern time.
• The city is rapidly developing and attracts tourists and businessmen from all over the world.
• Lviv has adopted a Europe-like custom of holding multiple annual festivals associated with local medieval traditions including the Beer festival, the folk dancing event Entovyr and the Middle ages culture festival Ancient Lviv.
The Diligences team finds this city a perfect place for progressive IT business.