Diligences is proud of its clients and great project solutions.

  • Mobile

    Imagine a to-do-list, a reminder, a task scheduler combined and handy. If you have it’s the You-Doo application that has come to your mind. The app combines ease of usage with mighty features as a calendar view, task history, live timeline, GPS groups and much more. The pro version will be adding even more exquisite features like device synchronization, recurring tasks, friends share, cloud services, Outlook import and more.

    - Background location reminder
    - Dynamic live title
    - Offline mode

    Platform/OS: Windows Phone 8

    Language: .NET

    Category: Mobile application

    URL: You-Doo on Windows Store

  • Mobile

    Perx is a mobile client od a nice coupon service from Singapore. This service will allow you with creation of your very own loyalty program for merchants when the mobile client will be helping with collection of rewards for a business or a customer.

    Perx is #1 mobile loyalty app in Singapore. It is allowing businesses with instant loyalty program launches and is actually reducing the amount of cards users are to keep in their wallets.

    Platform/OS: iOS (also ported to Android)

    Tools: XCode, UIKit/Cocoa, CFNetwork, CoreData, CoreLocation, MapKit, Push Notifications, Facebook SDK, Cocos2d

    Language: Objective-C/C++

    Team size: 1 senior developer, 1 junior developer

    Duration: In Process

    URL: Perx for iOS in Appstore

  • Mobile

    Open Cancer Network is a mobile social network application that may be preferred by users like patients, doctors, researchers, caregivers as well as friends or family members.

    There are 5 sections in the application:

    1. Timeline Tab. This is the part containing information about user activities, activities of followed users, received badges, posts, app news and shared posts. There is the Notification view showing such activities as new likes, follows and comments. Users may be found by both name and articles. The user is also capable of creating new posts and sharing the ones posted earlier. Plus there is a possibility of viewing user’s profile and following/unfollowing a particular user. There are also details of a selected post that are allowing to leave a comment, read the full article and to share the post to other Social Networks as Twitter, Facebook or e-mail.

    2. Diary Tab. This is the tab containing questions for the current type of the user. User may share information about personal physical activity, mood, appetite and many other relevant info. Questions may be configured by the user from profile settings.

    3. Stats Tab. A Tab where a user may see his personal stats in graphics during a certain period of time like a week, a month, a year, etc. The data will be taken from questions answered in the Diary Tab. 

    4. Activity Tab. This is a container for categorizing. Categories as diet, military or lifestyle as well as others are present there. And every single category will have a list of questions of its own. Answers may be given in a random order.

    5. Profile Tab. This is where personal information like age, gender, location, description, etc. data is kept. The info is updatable and editable. The view on the amount of followers as well as followed posts will be available from this tab.

    Platform/OS: iOS (iOS 7 or later; iPhone, iPad, iPod touch)

    Tools: Objective-C, CocoaPods, AFNetworking, QuartzCore, Core Location, Flurry, Urban Airship, Facebook and Twitter SDK libraries

    Language: Objective-C

    Duration: 1 year

    URL:  OpenCancer Network in Appstore

  • Mobile

    Allwomenstalk is actually a swell mobile client of the one and only blog for All women. This client is created and designed with a soul purpose of helping every single girl with finding the most glamorous and fabulous version of herself. The app is available for both iPhone’s and iPad’s, supports Twitter and is, by the way in many languages as:

    - English
    - Dutch
    - French
    - Italian
    - Traditional Chinese

    Joining All Women Stalk community will support you with all the newest, hottest, super useful and interesting stuff. Share your opinion or ask the community a question no matter where you are!

    Platform: iOS

    Tools: XCode, UIKit/Cocoa, CFNetwork, CoreData, CoreLocation, MapKit, Push Notifications, Facebook SDK

    Language: Objective-C/C ++

    Category: Mobile client for women portal

    Team size: 2 developers

    URL: Allwomenstalk in Appstore

  • Web

    What’s Sproutback? An Australian based crowdfunding platform which is aiming towards:

    - Helping people in showing their best and most creative projects to the rest of the world

    Assist people with finding just the right project to support

    If we are to be more precise Sproutback will help people with receiving funding for whatever new and hot innovation they’ve come up with. Thus more creative and ambition project will be raising from scratch.  The platform will allow a community of ‘backers’ who are actually the ones donating funds towards a project of their choice to receive a ‘reward’ from the person who has created the project.   

    But it’s not all about funding. The website will also be supporting all the projects on any step of the stairs leading to glory and admission. Required contacts, guidance, mentor networks and more will be awaiting the creative and ambitioned ones within Sproutback.

    The ‘Start’ button is the only thing that is still in between you and your dream. Just sign in and hit Start to begin your project with Sproutback. Then a user is to share ideas of his brain-child by posting appropriate information. Afterwards a funding goal as well as a timeframe to reaching the target have to be set.

    And, as it usually happens in life the site is working by the ‘all-or-nothing’ system. That means the project will be getting finances only if the goal (the determined target) is met. 

    The backers are allowed to support practically any project to their liking in any comfortable currency. If you are looking towards browsing through all the projects the ‘Explore’ button located in the menu will do the trick. There are multiple filters available for more convenience. Any search may be done by category, popularity, remaining time, etc. And there is the feature allowing you to sign up and being updated with all the interesting things going on within Sproutback.

    Tools: Symfony 2, MySQL, jQuery

    Language: PHP, JavaScript

    Category: Web platform

    URL: http://www.sproutback.com/

  • Web

    Agon is a big insurance company from Netherlands and Kroodle is their website. Project Kroodle may be proud of its 7 insurance types. Every single one of those babies has some parameters of their own a user will be filling in order of finding out about particular insurance pricing. Every single part of the project is well connected to Facebook API. Thus only users who possess Facebook accounts at their disposal will be able of performing any actions on the site. But if there is an FB account and users are actually on the site they are having the potential to:

    - Buying insurance
    - Canceling insurance
    - Editing their insurance
    - Inviting their FB friends and gaining bonuses for that

    After a user has bought at least one insurance plan he automatically gets an account from which all the controls as the mentioned above may be done. 

    Ajax and json are what allows communications between server and client sides. The sites design is responsive and the project was tested with Jmeter load-test program and has proven to be stable under an impressive load of 1000 users. Project is supported by the following browsers:

    - IE 8+
    - Chrome
    - Mozilla Fire Fox
    - Safari

    Platform/OS: Nginx, Mysql (innodb), Git, Copistrano

    Tools: Drupal 7, Varnish (esi), APC, Memcached, Backbone.js, Underscore.js

    Language: PHP, HTML 5, CSS 3

    URL: https://kroodle.nl/

  • Web

    This system is providing company information and is allowing the proposed products to be bought via online payments committed with eway.

    Platform\OS: Mysql. Git

    Tools: Drupal 7

    Language: PHP

    URL: http://natroad.com.au/

  • Web

    You are seeing a splendid video news portal that is displaying materials aimed to the young generation.

    The goal of this project was combining equal access to news post from both the site as well as various mobile devices. And, of course, a comfortable interface for editors.

    Django and MySQL are what the portal is based on. CSS, JavaScript, static images as well as the entire portal are located on Amazon S3 servers. And there are Akami servers storing videos themselves for faster access from any part of Europe and USA. And there is jQuery used to make the editor’s day even more simple and pleasant.

    Mobile devices are integrated with help from RESTful and JSON technologies. And there are APNS and GCM as well as later Urbanship which were used for sending notifications to mobile devices.

    JWPlayer is there to assist with video reproduction. Videos themselves are well coded in different formats and quality for optimized reproduction on any device even with poor Internet connection.

    The portal is, of course, closely integrated with various social networks as:

    - Twitter
    - Facebook
    - Instagram

    The integration is maintained via news aggregators:

    - MSN
    - Buzzfeed
    - Hulu

    Platform/OS: Python, iOS, Android

    Tools: MySQL, Django, Redis, Apache, Memcache

    Language: Python, HTML 5, CSS 3, jQuery

    Category: Video News Portal

    Team size: 15

    Duration: 25 month

    URL: http://www.nowthisnews.com

  • Web

    Keeveo is a splendid portal with a purpose of searching, purchasing, deploying and following marketing goals and campaigns of goods from Spain. We are talking designer clothing, accessories, etc. The mentioned goods are sorted by groups and then stored in appropriate stores. We are talking of an actual mall within a browser tab with all the shops you ever were looking for in Spain.

    The site is based on Ubercart and Drupal 7. Sphinx is used as the search engine of the page. Thus a massive speed-up in searching is ensured. As if that was not enough the Sphinx will also decrease the pressure caused on servers.

    How the things were going in the beginning? Salesmen were simple categories of goods created by site managers. Thus there was but one option if you were looking for selling your goods via this website. Just placing goods there and that is it. But then came the breaking point when our team stepped in.

    The original task was in creation of a platform which allows users with creation of personal online shops. Users were to have the ability of managing and selling of goods in their new shops. By the way, the status pf a product, its condition, various orders from customers are also manageable, thus making marketing possible and even a bit easier. What are the new features of the interface?

    - The store is better manageable as the user is now capable of designing it to his liking. Thus a store is capable of matching user’s goals even better.

    - After the store is created the goods may be placed there, removed, managed, edited, marked, etc. Orders and returns are manageable as well.

    - The new platform comes with support of several additional metrics like invoices.

    - The store’s manager has the possibilities of controlling and operating available goods based on their status. A track of sales/returns may also be kept.

    - Rss-feed of the registered internet blogs and posts and news that are placed in the sites blog section has been created to serve marketing purposes

    Platform/OS: Linux, Apache

    Tools: Drupal 6, Ubercart, MySQL, Sphinx (search engine)

    Language: PHP 5, JavaScript

    URL: http://www.keeveo.com

  • Rado is a navigation and

    Rado is a navigation and information application made as a compass for finding hundreds of design objects, fashion stores, architectural landmarks in various cities around the globe. It features tens of questions to test your knowledge in design and of course the latest and coolest design collections.

    Set tasks: Testing the application with web CMS using various testing types.

    Solution: Working closely with remote team that needs communication by Skype and track system, using appropriate resources, preparation of artifacts for all results

    Platform/OS: iOS(iPhone), WinXP.

    Types of testing used: Functional, regression testing, UI testing, compatibility, stress testing, testing of synchronization of web and app content.

    Results: test plan, test cases, bug reports.

  • Naida is a social web and iPhone

    Naida is a social web and iPhone application that allows users to upload photos and videos and add reasons on both platforms. It also makes possible to see reasons, photos and videos added by other people.

    Set tasks: testing social web and iPhone app completing various testing types.

    Solution: Using appropriate resources, working closely with remote team that needs communication by Skype and track system, preparation of artifacts for all results.

    Platform/OS: Web and iOS (iPhone).

    Types of testing used: Functional, regression testing, GUI testing, UI testing, compatibility, stress testing, testing of synchronization of web and app content.

    Results:test plan, test cases, bug reports.

  • The platform provides a simple way

    The platform provides a simple way for users to share their financial product with people similar to them (their ‘tribes’). It allows comparing prices, feature choices and opinions with others. Moneytribe is a fast and simple way to get your insurance and mortgage, never miss out a better product or provider.

    Set tasks: Testing “share” & “compare” features of financial products with the help of various testing types.

    Solution: Using appropriate resources, working closely with remote team that needs communication by Skype and track system, preparation of artifacts for all results.

    Platform/OS: iOS application deployed on IOS SDK (IOS4; IOS5).

    Types of testing used: Functional black-box manual testing, regression, interface testing.

    Results: A customer receives check list, test cases, bug reports.

  • Testing

    Bullguard is a complex solution for internet security that allows protecting your PC from existing online threats. It provides strong protection from any kind of spyware and virus, identity theft, credit card fraud, hackers and many more. Various features cover a broad range of digital safety issues. Bullguard Antivirus engine catches 65% more corrupting and harmful viruses than classical antivirus software. Unsafe websites are flagged with Safe Browsing on every search results page. The Vulnerability Scanner shows outdated software, Online Backup protects from losing your data, Parental Control ensures safe using of Internet by your kids.

    Set tasks: Providing high-quality stable work of this kind of security application, bug-free detecting of problems to protect users’ information,  software and  hardware.

    Solution:  Preparing a comprehensive test plan, environment, software and hardware, in particular comparative testing with alike projects.

    Platform/OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7.

    Types of testing used: Functional, localization, usability, compatibility, performance testing.

    Results:  A customer received a test plan, test cases, performance results report, bug reports.

  • Testing

    A project is designed as an e-Shop for skateboarders who are passionate about painting. It allows users to add, edit, delete and sell various goods through the site. The portal is based on the open-source osCommerce platform with goods characteristics management system and the osCommerce payment system. 

    Set tasks: Transactions reliability and security, e-payment system, access rights differentiation, database correct performance.

    Solution: Testing the database integrity with a special tool, monitoring e-Shop operating accounts.

    Platform/OS: Cross-platform.

    Types of testing used: Manual, functional testing, regression, interface, loading, secure testing.

    Results: A customer received a test plan, test cases, acceptance test cases, bug reports and suggestions.

  • Slobozhanska business card design
  • Single Report web design
  • Dngr city mobile app design
  • Guess How website design
  • Control Panel application design
  • Business World website design
  • Yosto.com business card design
  • Tyres logo design
  • TopExpoBuild logo design
  • Design
  • SlonKupon logo design
  • Quadro logo design
  • OBC
    OBC logo design
  • NEKO logo design
  • Lite Stone logo design
  • EAP
    EAP logo design
  • Dominant Bank web design
  • Design
  • AVV Project logo design
  • This is a social media portal

    This is a social media portal where companies can present and advertise different travel packages they provide, and users can choose those which they find suitable. This is a platform for finding places to visit.

    The main features and technical approaches are the following:

    - A complex system of linked content types with an access system;

    - A user page, user points, ratings, reviews, games;

    - The ability to send messages to other users;

    - Adding media content (video, photo, text);

    - connecting to others through friend lists;

    - Randomizing system bases on base of “memcache” module;

    - Multi-objective searching system and listings based on “apache solr”;

    - ajax based views with custom filters.


    Platform:  LAMP

    Development Environment: Drupal 6, Ubuntu, Apache , Nginx, PHP 5.3, Mysql 5.1, SVN, Netbeans IDE

    Language: PHP 5.3, HTML, JavaScript

    Tools: Views, Apache Solr, CCK, memcached, varnish, Ubercart

  • The software was created for

    The software was created for school staff to minimize the manual paperwork with student subject choices for senior high school years. It allows students to put down their preferences and interests in subject selection, to confirm and/or enter basic enrolment details. The application supports import and export to/from CASES21.  

    Platform: Windows Server 2003 or higher

    Language: C#, .NET

    Tools: VS 2010, ASP.NET, NHibernate (Castle Active Records), JavaScript, MSSQL Server

  • The software was developed for

    The software was developed for managing hotels. It provides tools for working with a large amount of data, including grouping hotels by countries, managing rooms for different time periods, monitoring hotel sales, prices, allotment. It also features building different charts based on this data, create different price suggestions for hotel rooms and custom exceptions for suggestions.


    Platform: Windows Server 2008

    Language: C#, .NET

    Tools: VS 2010, ASP.NET MVC 3, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, MSSQL Server, Ninject

  • Desktop

    This software provides unique interface for creating reports based on information from database. Visualization with charts and diagrams provides user friendly way of representing information. With the help of PivotViewer users can view large amounts of data in a simple way. Allows exporting data to PDF and Excel. 

    Platform:  Windows Server 2003 or higher

    Language: C#, .NET

    Tools: VS 2010, ASP.NET, Silverlight 4, JavaScript, jQuery, MSSQL Server, WCF RIA

  • This project was developed for the

    This project was developed for the sports portal. Users can view the scores for chosen date and see the schedule for several games. CSV files are generated for each game by the script. The site has a built-in calendar showing the results of previous games as well as schedules for the current season. 

    Technical features:

    - Python language used for project development;

    - The script includes several databases of game servers;

    - Search engine implementation.

  • The website is developed as the

    The website is developed as the event management platform. Users can view events, their details, subscribe for them, buy tickets, view photos, contacts, etc. The site also features email system so that the event subscribers could contact the event owners, and vice versa. Paypal and Google Checkout integration allow for easy purchasing of tickets.

    Technical approaches:

    - PHP 5 with use of Zend  framework;

    - Unique implementation of downloaded RSS entries allows to identify the same entries which have different attributes in different RSS feeds.

    Platform: OS Linux

    Language: PHP 5/mySQL/Javascript/Ajax/XHTML

    CMS: Zend framework

  • A portal for which unites a

    A portal for which unites a community of those who are looking for a job. It provides a platform for communication and exchanging of experience. It gathers freelancers, employers and all those who are looking for permanent or temporary work. The portal allows creating portfolios, filling in users’ profiles with detailed CVs.

    The portal features various articles and videos about job search and business engineering. It is also possible to publish job postings and communicate with freelancers through the site. It has the following sections: job posting, catalog of freelancers, BBS, articles and video, blogs.

    Technical approaches:

    - Community site based on Acquia Commons

    - Panels Everywhere

    - Custom module to receive payments for publishing content

    - Ubercart with PayPal integration

    - Advertisement banner system

    - Import job offers from 3rd party sites

    Platform: LAMP

    Development Environment: Drupal 6, Ubuntu, Apache , Nginx, PHP 5.3, Mysql 5.1, SVN, Netbeans IDE

    Language: PHP 5.3, HTML, JavaScript

    Tools: Acquia, Commons, Ubercart, Panels everywhere, PayPal API, Ad module

  • The media portal is a store of

    The media portal is a store of media content of different types. It allows to view pictures, links, watch videos of various formats. Depending on users’ roles, they can leave their feedback and create new content.

    Main features and technical approaches:

    - Content import from old system;

    - Adding media and text content in addition to main content;

    - direct files upload to video server;

    - Pages and comments based on AJAX;

    - Integration with main base of users using XML – rpc;

    - Integration with 3rd party login/registration system;

    - External and internal caching mechanizm implementation in order to speed up generation and content delivery - memcache as internal caching mechanism and varnish as external caching mechanism;

    - Using Apache Solr with capability exclude some nodes from indexing according to certain attributes for searching.

    Platform: LAMP

    Development Environment: Drupal 6, Ubuntu, Apache , Nginx, PHP 5.3, Mysql 5.1, SVN, Netbeans IDE

    Language: PHP 5.3, HTML, JavaScript

    Tools: Views, Apache Solr, CCK, memcached, varnish, Ubercart

  • Engo provides unique and effective

    Engo is an offline application for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 allowing to easily learn English words or check and maintain your vocabulary. It supports 6 localization languages. Engo provides unique and effective methodologies of learning, memorization and unknown words selection (Flashcards, Constructor of words, Quiz, Audition, learning using speech). It results in learning only those words which will be met in future practice.

    Platform: .NET Compact Framework / Windows Phone 8

    Language: C#, XAML

    Tools: SQLite, Speech recognizer, Text to speech, Toolkit, Flurry analytics

  • Domino is a game for iPhone users

    Domino is a game for iPhone users which completely managed by touchpad functions.

    Platform: iOS
    Language: Objective-C/C++
    Tools: Xcode, UIKit/Cocoa, CoreGraphics
  • The application provides useful

    The application provides useful functionality for business users to maximize the use of information technology. Companies have the possibility to develop practices for greater differentiation and to integrate business processes. This allows companies of one industry to compete more efficiently. The application provides such features as: login to user account on customer server, show account cabinets, search and view the documents by specified fields.

    Platform: Android OS

    Language: Java

    Tools: Android SDK, Eclipse

  • The application allows searching

    The application allows searching for registered criminals in the area around you. By activating GPS in your phone you can locate criminals in your neighborhood, parks and campgrounds, around your children’s schools, etc. The offenders can also be searched by name, by address, or zip code and they will be displayed on an interactive map on your device. Users can also navigate around and see the image, name, address and offenses of anybody they click on.

    Platform: Windows Phone 7

    Language: C#

    Tools: Silverlight for WP7, Bing maps

  • My Daily Metro provides iPhone

    My Daily Metro provides iPhone users with two basic features:

    Users can get up-to-date information about mobile coupons, stores and e-coupons on the basis of current location or zip code.

    The application allows buying gift cards and sending them to the recipient.

    Platform: iOS

    Language: Objective-C/C++

    Tools: Xcode, UIKit/Cocoa, CFNetwork, CoreLocation, CoreData