Business Logic may be easily abused due to discoveries of potential flaws in your website’s or app’s functionality parts that actually rely on such logic. Such flaws are a deadly threat as they basically do not require any disclosure of data beyond that what you are already delivering to your users by default. One more nasty detail is the fact that vulnerabilities come in various shapes and sizes, from something tine that may not even cause any hard to colossal confidential data exposures.

Most common places hackers tend to abuse are data-entry fields and password recovery functionality. Poor coding does not assist either as it rises risks exponentially. What harm may be caused by abuse of business logic?

Fix VS Prevent

Apps severely integrate with numerous business processes and are complex pieces of software on their own which makes fixes insanely difficult. Simply imagine changing something in core business logic of an app everyone is used to already? Such activities may even freeze numerous processes of an enterprise and, considering decent fixes require large loads of time we are down to but one option – development with respect to possible security flaws.

Sure there are still firewalls and anti-malware software, yet they prove powerless when things get really close and personal and cannot protect even a bit of your app’s business logic. One more aspect that does not add any certainty is the fact that mostly traffic is encrypted thus intrusion detectors and similar security systems are less effective. We cannot state this would be impossible, as there are many tools that allow to track suspicious activities. However such tools require certain levels of precision and determination, involve termination of connections like SSL/TSL and are overall extremely demanding in maintenance and operations.

That is why one of the best ways of securing your business from potential threats and Business Logic abuse is to design, code and test the app according to highest standards throughout the entire development process. Ensure all security principals are taken in consideration and properly treated while your solution is under development and you will probably end up with colossally less issues to worry about.

Develop with respect to security. Always!

The lifecycle of your app under development must include multiple checks for potential Business Logic flaws, these are:

  • Functionality issues
  • Information leaks
  • Validation process challenges
  • Predictable locations of vital resources and elements
  • Issues and flaws with password recovery, authorization and other processes that require data input

Including checklists really assists developers in their work as they know exactly where they should be headed. One more nice habit to have is a tradition of sorts when you regularly conduct trainings on possible security flaws, discover and explore newly raised threats and exploit weaknesses to ensure everyone on the team knows how to be protected. Implementing all these ideas into life may really save you one day. You never know who’s lurking out there, right?